Thermal cleaning of waste gas channels

Thermal cleaning of waste gas channels in recuperative systems

Using our thermal separation (oxygen lancing) procedure we are able to melt out solidified slag to make it fluid for draining. During thermal separation oxygen is used to burn the core lance tip. The resulting chemical reaction releases intense heat (temperatures up to 2500 °C), which is used to cut through various materials such as iron, steel alloy, refractory bricks, mortar and stone.

The core lance must exhibit optimum burning characteristics for each particular application in order to achieve the required results effectively and economically.

Our lances are noted for:

  • concentrated flame bundling which provides controlled energy release
  • long burning period and burning capacity per lance
  • low oxygen consumption
  • high safety standard for the operator
  • high flame stability, which allows precise positioning
  • low vibration and low noise level during use