Coldface Welding

There can be used many different lance sizes and combinations in order to reach all expansion joints from outside, even at difficult reachable areas like behind buckstays, between port necks or tank blocks.

The stream of welding powder enriched with oxygen comes into contact with the hot refractory surface causing the metallic components to oxidize in a highly exothermic reaction.

The existing heat development (over 2000°C) melts the refractory material with our welding powder which enables to close resp. seal gas tight expansion joints. This reaction results in a long lasting combination between both materials.

Various materials are available for the repair depending on the location of the damaged area in the furnace (see webpage “welding materials and compositions“).

30th Aug. 2009

3rd Feb. 2011

13th July 2011

3rd May 2012

6th Dec. 2012

20th Dec. 2013

14th July 2014

A neighbour furnace wich is only 6 months older

...without Coldface Welding!